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Hi, everyone~

It has been quite a while since I last typed up an Update journal, hasn't it? 'Suppose since my Public To-Do List is, well, up for public viewing, there hasn't really been a need to post an Update journal every so often now, is there? Anyway, I shall attempt to cover what has been happening over the past couple of months, so this may be a long journal. ^^;

First of all, something happened roughly a week after my last Update journal; we had adopted a new kitten~ His name is Oscar and we don't have much of a clue as to what breed he is. ^^; He's definitely a tabby, but I think he may also be partially a tortoiseshell due to the lack of markings on his upper back and tail. Who knows? :dummy: 
CuteFlare, TaigaNoTengoku and MapleLeafCrown all know a bit about him now, but I never managed to capture a few photographs of him so my mother sent me a few photos of him. I'll show one of them that was taken around a fortnight after we brought him home and one that was taken about a week ago:
The Adorable Fuzzbutt by GalacticCommanderKat The Cheeky Bastard by GalacticCommanderKat
(Don't be fooled; his eyes are actually a greenish-brown colour.)
Suffice to say, Milo's not too proud of having this new fuzzbutt running around the house, but he'll just have to adjust. Not to mention how much attention Milo's gotten recently; I think his head has swelled a little from his ego. ^^;

Secondly and more DeviantART-related news, I now have 180 watchers at the time of me typing this journal! :happybounce:
Thank you all so much for your ongoing support and I hope you all will look forward to what I have planned for the future~
In particular, one of the plans is a Draw My Character/s contest that I will host when I reach 270 watchers. Only 90 more to go! :dummy: In regards to this contest, there will be two of my humanoid characters and three of my animal-based characters for you to choose from. There will definitely be artwork prizes and there might be some :points: prizes as well. I won't spoil too much as there's still a while to go before that happens, but perhaps that may be something to look forward to?

On to more important artwork-related updates! Before I go into detail about where I am at with those artworks listed on my To-Do List, I will give a bit of a backstory for those of you who are new watchers of mine and are curious as to why I haven't uploaded any artworks in a while (of course, you could look through all my previous journals, but for those of you that couldn't be bothered):

In 2014, I hosted an event where I took up drawing 75 requests in the wish to gain more experience in drawing different characters. Yeah, you read that right. Seventy-five artworks. Possibly the single, most stupid thing I have done online. They were all aimed to be completed by December, 2014 as I was quite a quick artist back then and didn't add too much detail. Only ten of them were completed. Between 2015 and 2016, I had different situations arise that delayed the progress of these requests and in the midst of it all, I gained experience from drawing personal artworks and well, this honestly rendered the purpose of the requests useless as I began to realise that these requests were delaying my progress in developing my future artworks. Yes, as I have been told by a lot of people, it was a very foolish idea to think that these were going to help me prior to 2015 as the experience was obtained without their help. To put a stop to this, I paused anything I was working on to stop delaying them further and decided that I would not move onto my new drawing style until all of them were completed.
Why don't you just cancel them?
That question has been asked just as often as how idiotic the decision to take them up is. Truth is, if it were still mid-2015, I very likely would have. However, I have my reasons for continuing and have kept my requests on their part somewhat reasonable; if you've deactivated your account and haven't reactivated it within three months or given me the name of your new account (if you have one), I'll cancel your request/s since it's likely that you won't see them. If you don't respond to however many Mentions in journals or Notes that I have sent, I will continue on with your request/s based on the information I was originally given.
Short Answer: I will continue on the remaining 48 requests, unless someone else deactivates their account or cancels their request/s which is a very unlikely event as was intended to be free artworks for them all, and who doesn't like free things?.

Now with that out of the way and all of us are up-to-date, I'll go into a little bit of detail as to what is happening artwork-wise.

Everything that is on my Public To-Do List is currently up-to-date. 
I only have the shading, highlighting and a few extra details left on the top nine artworks. (Including MusicalToaster's, Vautaryt's and Japanblossom's prize artworks, xXxJolinexXx's, NiagraFalls's and Lulu-Night's first requested artworks as well as my two personal artworks.)
Those that have been sketched, well, that's pretty self-explanatory.
Those that have been started on... This varies between solidfying ideas, collecting references and sketching mannequins so everything is ready for the final sketch. Bottom-line, I have nothing to show you, sorry.

Also, though these are not listed on my To-Do List, I do have a few gifts for a few people that I hope to batch-upload with the top nine artworks that are near-completion. Since surprises are at least one thing I'm somewhat successful at, these also have not been shown during livestreams or had previews posted up on Facebook and will remain this way. 

Yep, that's about all I need to say in terms of what is happening with the artworks. It probably doesn't justify my inactive status, but I do have a few things happening in my personal life that are keeping me away from drawing on a constant basis as well, so that can't be helped too much unfortunately. 
Good news is though, my tablet's fan hasn't been activating too much while I'm livestreaming, so I'm starting to livestream progress of the requested artworks more frequently. Hell, maybe I'll even be able to schedule a weekly time for livestreaming; who knows?
If you are interested in watching future livestreams (especially those of you who I owe requested artworks to), I always post a status update on DeviantART (as well as Facebook on the rare occasion) when a livestream is online. However, if you would like to receive a notification via email the minute I do start a livestream, click the little heart button on my Picarto.TV Channel~

OK, I think I've covered mostly everything I needed to. Over the next few weeks, I do plan to host a few livestreams in regards to making progress on the requests but offline I will be primarily working on the first sixteen artworks on that list as well as the gifts.

That's all for now~ Fingers-crossed that the next Update journal is not as lengthy and that I'll have actually uploaded something within that time! :dummy:


Writing out.
Also, I might take a while responding to messages, but I'll get to replying to them as soon as possible.


Artist | Student | Digital Art

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Kat - Galactic | Sheila | Student Writer | Student Digital Artist and Designer | Professional Character Hoarder

Hi there~ I'm GalacticCommanderKat (I also accept Kat or Galactic; whichever you prefer). Though I may be inactive art-wise from time-to-time due to external priorities, I am always open for a chat so just send me a Note if you want~ :happybounce:

A little more information:
:bulletblue: Yes, I do live in Australia.
:bulletblue: My main passion is for writing though I never submit literature directly onto deviantART.
:bulletblue: I am a self-taught artist.
:bulletblue: English is my first language, though I would like to learn a few other languages in the future.
:bulletblue: Despite the irony, just because my name is Kat and I seemingly have a never-ending list of feline characters, it does not necessarily mean that I like cats.
:bulletred: Please DO NOT claim to be my friend if you clearly aren't. I'm not afraid to step in and say I'm not a friend if you attempt to use that as a defense or an excuse.
:bulletred: DO NOT ask if you can 'use' my artworks for anything unless it was specifically drawn for you! Otherwise, the answer will always be 'no'.
:bulletblue: Though I have had my fair share of disagreements (or dArama) on here, there has only been one person that has had enough reason to be placed on a blacklist.

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